SSD RAID 10 WEB HOSTING is it worth?

Want to weigh out cost analysis and performance benefit of Raid 10 SSD over normal SSD. Since SSD are already very costly if this is on RAID 10 then is it worth?

Tested on  two identical dedicated servers, except one is in RAID 1 (2 SSD) and the other one is in RAID 10 (4 SSD). The second one has 2.65 times better performance (dd test). By going from a single drive to RAID 1, you gain in reliability. By going from RAID 1 to RAID 10, you gain in performance. RAID 10 should always give you better performance since you can read and write to more drives simultaneously. Although it is slightly different with SSD vs spindle drives the concept is the same.

SSD normal vs SSD Raid 10

This very important when we are considering SSD drives, as many would be thinking since SSD are already very costly want to see if RAID 10 on them is worth the cost. But with the SSD drives having a high failure rate compared to normal hard disks, Raid is must for SSD. And if your hosting provider is not having Raid implemented then there is a chance of losing your website data and any hosting company will not help in any way.

What is the difference between SSDs and normal hard disks?

A traditional Hard disk is a device made up of moving parts that uses spinning platters to store data where as an Solid State Disk has flash memory and has no moving parts. It is faster then the normal dives and provides superior performance for read/write operations.

SSDs(Solid state drives/disks) have no moving mechanical components or simply have no moving parts . This distinguishes them from normal traditional hard disk drives (HDDs) we find in the market today, these normal hard disks have contain spinning components/disks and movable read/write heads.

Benefits of having SSD hosting to your website

A quick or fast loading website is better and everyone likes to have the page load fast. 3 second page load delay can loose 50% potential clients. Another point to be noted is Page load time is an important factor of SEO ranking.

There are many factors that could effect page loading time. Selecting a good hosting plan for the website is the first step. But only few web hosting companies are using state of the art technologies to boost their hosting speed. Using SSD drives is one method that will make the website page load faster to the web users.

  • Your website will be have faster load time-more visitors to your site.
  • Website performance improvement for visitors even in high traffic and peak loads.
  • eCommerce websites such as Magento, WordPress with open cart or prestashop blogs where database read/wirte  matters a lot, more traffic – more I/O requests. SSD hosting takes upto 21 times less time to access data than HDD hosting.

2 thoughts on “SSD RAID 10 WEB HOSTING is it worth?

  1. I agree with this good article.
    I had my previous server with a regular HDD, but a little optimization and SSD server later my website is blazing fast.
    To be honest the guys no big hosting company let us know on what disks our site is hosted.

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